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Resilience – What is it and why is it a big deal for recovery?

Resilience is a term used more and more by therapists, some might suggest it is a buzz word, so I wanted to put down my thoughts about this complex subject. I have wanted to write this blog for a while and the struggle I have had here is to keep it bloggy, not too academic and […]

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Common sense exercise and movement guidelines NOW DOWNLOADABLE

Please click on image to download a high quality version for use in clinic. This can be as a patient handout or poster. Do you want a version in your language? Then look below, we now have 10 languages! If you don't see one, maybe you would like to translate one? If so, then contact […]

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Self efficacy – A well used term but well understood?

Self efficacy is a term banded around in therapy quite regularly at the moment especially as more active approaches to rehabilitation are being embraced. So we have to ask exactly what does it mean, why does it matter and how do we improve it? In fact my twitter friend/colleague Jerry Durham asked me this question […]

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Pain education – How much neuroscience do you really need?

Pain education has for many become an integral part of the treatment process and rightly so, being able to help people understand what is happening to them is a must. One of the most frequently used methods to help people better understand pain is based on the neuroscience and physiology of pain. In some cases […]


Knowledge is power- What I need people with back pain to know.

Here is some information I would like anyone with back pain to know. Whether it is the first time you have had back pain or you have had it for ages. I would love others to contribute to building up this information as it is certainly not definitive. So if you are a clinician or […]

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Discogenic back pain – Is it more about relevance than prevalence?

The influence of structure on back pain is a discussion I have had twice in the last 3 days. I would not describe myself as an expert in this area but this area of discussion does leave me a little confused and I do take an interest in it, especially with the whole ‘forgetting the […]