Whale Poo

What whales shit can teach us about biomechanics and pain.

So I got my virtual buddy Paul Lagerman AKA the naked physio to come in and contribute to this post and below is our bastard lovechild offspring of a blog post : ) The video above on whales and their contribution to our planet is not only informative and enlightening but also serves as a […]

FB Live

Facebook Live lecture on exercise for back pain and PDF slides

Here is the link for the Facebook live lecture on back pain. Here is a link to download all the slides in a PDF format too! FB Back Pain (1)


Listening IS THERAPY!

Here is a fantastic guest blog from Luke R Davies on Listening as therapy, Louis Gifford's ABCDEFW framework & yellow and pink flags concept. Luke is really into movement, pain and most of all helping his patients recover with a fun and active approach to rehab and probably why we get on so well! Enjoy! Listening […]


Are the days of assessing movement OVER?

In all honesty in its current format the answer here has to be an unreserved YES, we should STOP assessing movement. This opinion is based on the two predominant concepts we appear to have currently when assessing movement. Firstly the concept that a deviation from a movement or muscle firing ‘ideal’ is the cause of […]

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What makes a GREAT rehab program?

We could definitely have a good, and potentially lively, discussion over what makes a great rehab program and with no gold standard here, we will have to settle for some well reasoned opinion. This being my blog………here is mine! Exercise & movement are not golden bullets to a successful recovery, far from it, but they […]


Quit arguing about what matters, IT ALL DOES. Just not the same for everybody!

How many times have you heard “but the pendulum has swung too far!” in relation to the BioPsychoSocial (BPS) model? Many people have voiced their concern that we are now forgetting the biological/biomechanical side, or the B in BPS, of things. Others have suggested that there is still way to much biological/mechanical thinking if you […]

Goal Setting 1955806 960 720

Goal setting – If you’re not assessing your guessing!

So this is the first blog on my updated site! I think the white background is much easier on the eyes! With so much discussion and published research about making rehab more individual, patient centred, relevant and meaningful and this helping to improve the therapeutic relationships and outcome, I thought I would focus on one […]