EMS - Elite Movement Specialist Certification


“Transform the way you understand, assess and train the human body"


What is the EMS fundamentals certification?


Our brand new Elite Movement Specialist (EMS) series is designed to start you on the journey to making YOU the go to trainer in your gym or area.

In today's busy world you want to work smarter and not harder. Be able to charge more and work less. You want to be able to call the shots on your diary not your clients pulling you this way and that way from 6am till 9pm.

The only way to do this is to start to have a skill set that they really need and are willing to go out of there way to get and pay for. Our EMS course is specifically designed to start you on the road to specialism. Realistically this is the only way to separate yourself from all the other trainers out there.

Are the guys making the big bucks just the same as you, probably. The difference is they decided to take some action and do something different rather than bitch and moan about not having enough clients and how tried they are. We believe your education and skill set are key to this. Would you pay more for someone doing the same thing as the next guy who is charging less?


At Cor-Kinetic we believe that MOVEMENT and understanding it is the key to making your clients feel, perform and look better. You will leave with an unrivaled and instantly applicable skill set ready to use the very next day.

Our new EMS fundamentals series blends the worlds of functional movement and the new and exciting world of the neuroscience behind it. This allows us to start to understand not only what is happening in the body but also why it is happening. Understand the why’s allows us to start to creating assessment and training techniques that really make a difference!

This means we can start to get people out of pain, keep them out of pain, stop them getting into pain, train harder, look better and most importantly feel better!

Our two day courses have attracted staff from:

  • Manchester United
  • Manchester City
  • England national team
  • Chelsea
  • Leicester tigers

This is just a small selection of the elite sports teams that have been involved with Cor-Kinetic education. Learn from the guys that have really been there, seen it and done it at the highest level with proven results.

If you want to learn the skills they use and can be used to enhance any clients movement and training results then this is the course for you. Go beyond being average and watch your career and opportunities do the same.

Most people tend to overlook the brain and body connection in their rehab and training methods. Don't be that person.

How does it work?


It consists of a possible 4 days of training and gives you the flexibility to follow the route you want to and get and the most focused educational journey possible.

After you have been on our 2 day EMS cor-Fundamentals day and understood our unique thought process then you can choose to either follow that up with our  1 day EMS training and performance day or 1 day EMS rehab day or even both and receive a discount on the full RRP for all 3 courses!

Scroll down the page to find out the content for the 3 courses

Why is the EMS fundamentals series important to you?


  • Start to truly understand your client’s movement with effective and exciting new assessments, movement solutions and training strategies.
  • Learn how the body really moves, how muscles really work. This is the stuff they didn’t teach you but really should have!
  • Get people out of pain and keep them out of pain by using the methods the body wants you to use to help it.
  • Create limitless functional exercises, warm ups, cool downs and programs that keep you and your clients interested and getting consistent results.
  • Start to understand the importance of training our vision in our movement and performance.
  • Introduce the key concepts of coaching and functional nutrition into your approach for even more impact on your clients health
  • Learn the 3D’s process for movement success



EMS Fundamentals series



2 Days - £225


The fundamental elements of the Cor-Kinetic thought process. Explore the underpinning principles behind functional movement, the brain and the related neuroscience and also muscle function.

Learn the key Cor-kinetic assessments and Cor-kinetic action-reaction model of assessment and training.

Use the 3D’s of movement enhancement to restore your client’s movement potential.

Gain the knowledge of the fundamental functional movements to create countless exercises and training programmes to both keep and enhance your clients movement.

  • The principles of function
  • Understanding the brain, nervous system and pain in movement.
  • Functional muscle function and biomechanics.
  • Functional gait assessment
  • Functional joint assessment. Hips, foot and spine.
  • The 3D's of movement enhancement
  • Key functional movements for exercise
  • How to turn any exercise into a functional masterpiece



1 day - £140


The training and performance day is a lot of fun and seriously active too. Learn how to put together a great session for anybody from a housewife to an elite athlete using all our functional principles and training techniques. Throw in sports vision drills and periodisation and you have the skills to progress people long term to their goals. Last but not least our coaching techniques will help keep your clients motivated and adhering to your great new programming skills.

  • Warm ups
  • Fundamental functional movements
  • 3 pot system of program design
  • Functional strength training
  • 3D exercise generator
  • Functional periodisation
  • Functional core training
  • Sports vision drills
  • Cool down and rewind
  • Intro to NLP/4 pillars Functional coaching technique


1 Day - £140


Our EMS rehab day is all about teaching you how to use the power of movement to help people overcome injury and pain. Finding the movements and thresholds of pain free motion is key to helping the nervous system overcome threats that cause movement dysfunction and pain. With live case studies and rehab programming we make it easy with our proven processes. We also introduce some functional nutrition and visual exercises to help deal with these often missed elements of movement dysfunction.

  • Assessment and solution case studies
  • Intro to Functional Nutrition for rehab/weight loss
  • Visual system in rehabilitation
  • Action/reaction assessment
  • Finding the threshold (for pain free movement),
  • Choosing the right exercise for the problem
  • Rehab program design
  • Functional documentation


Upcoming Course Dates:


EMS Cor-Fundamentals - 28/29th of September 2013 London £225

EMS Training and performance - October 2013 date TBA £140

EMS Rehab - December 2013 London £140


Buy all 3 courses for £450-Separate RRP over £500!





The 3D's of movement enhancement are designed to guarantee that you have covered all the components of movements needed to restore control, stability and strength back to the body for reduced pain and increased performance.



our motor control drills are designed to both assess and improve your basic sensory and motor areas in our brains involved with movement. This is through a process known as neuroplasticity.

We call the brain the ‘Hardware’ without this we cannot run the ‘software’ or complex functional patterns. In fact some people may actually make their movement worse without these drills as the functional movement maybe too much to handle.

An integrated functional movement can be achieved by using the areas of the body that maybe being overused already. We need to make sure the target areas are being integrated into the pattern for optimal efficiency. This means isolating them out before reintegration.

Flaws in the ability to perform the drills also highlight a lack of movement control, they are an assessment in themselves!



This is where we get truly 3D! By placing the body in an authentic upright position we look to activate the problem area in all 3 planes using dynamic motion. We are looking to stimulate the proprioceptors and increase sensory feedback to further enhance our movement.



Finally we need to integrate our target area, whether that is the hips, ankle or spine back into movement. Not everybody needs simple joint range, sometimes stability in their existing range is key as well. They key however is to integrate back into movement that allows the body to understand, react and control movement in an efficient and pain free way.


Action-Reaction assessment and coaching model



Our assessment, movement solution and training model works on our system of action-reaction. This means we are always trying to assess the reaction to our action! Many times we assume what we are doing is having the desired reaction but why assume. Through simple and speedy reassessment we can always be sure what we are doing is having the desire result.

What is movement?


Movement is more than just a collection of bones, joints and muscles. It also involves the command centre, the brain. Over our lifetime we pick up both minor and major injuries that impact on our movement. In response to these previous problems that we may think have been resolved, e.g. don’t cause pain anymore; we can create protective movement patterns that persist even after the pain subsides. Our daily activities and positions of postural strain (like sitting at a computer) impact on our movement potential also.

Our movement patterns are stored in our brain and we use them for all our movements. Imagine they are just like computer programs! An example could be an ankle sprain.  I develop pain and a limp; my brain creates a new movement pattern involving a different muscle activation pattern so as not to stress my ankle too much. The pain subsides but the movement pattern does not fully restore to the way it was. This may happen time and time again with the different injuries we pick up over our lifetimes. Along with our postures and structure, and probably more influential on our movement, this process is what makes our movement individual to us. Watch each person on the treadmills in a gym, they will all have their own unique way of moving. We call this your personal “Movement neuromatrix


Pre-requisites - Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
Course delivery - 2 days direct delivery
Accreditation - 13 REPs points
Price - £200
Pre Course Prep - Yes
Course Materials - Yes


 To become an EMS qualified trainer contact [email protected] or call 07973560684 to book your place or get more info!



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