This blog post is all about the foundations that we build our treatment or training on. First however I want to take this opportunity to tell you all about the new educational company Cor-Kinetic that I have set up. After delivering some weekend courses I thought that I wanted to make it a little more formal and this is the result. I will keep you updated through the blog and also for your functional fix check out the facebook page.!/pages/Cor-Kinetic/213918865295605.

Right, lets talk about foundations. Foundations form the basis of how we go about doing what we do. For me they are a checklist to make sure what I am about to do is right for the job in front of me. It is not what I did to the person before, it is not what I saw someone else do and liked the look of. It is the right and applicable thing to do based on the foundations of what I have learned and applied many times to refine the technique I am about to use.

I always make sure I understand fully the reasoning behind what I am doing. In fact many times I have steered away from doing things till I feel I have the proper knowledge to apply them. It may mean reading additional information or learning new terminology, but I feel that this leads to a more rounded approach in the end, even if it takes more time. In fact it has led to lots of frustration until the penny clicks, but when it does it becomes a more powerful tool in the box.

We have become a very technique based industry but without the underpinning knowledge or foundation are we less effective with these techniques?? Some times we need the basics before the fireworks. No learning of knowledge is a waste even if you can't apply straight away, but it may serve you well in the future you just may not know when!!!

Also when we do learn new stuff are we suddenly a master? Or do we need to refine the process?? Did the person who taught us dream it up or did they teach from years of experience, mistakes and eventually refinement into something tangible to pass on. This practice forms part of our foundations. If we just learn from picking up what others do it becomes monkey see monkey do, almost a game of Chinese whispers with a barely recognisable outcome to the original concept.

Make sure you have your foundations in place!!!