Functional Rehab Essentials




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This brand new on-line product from Cor-kinetic is designed to give the fitness professional a better understanding of the rehabilitation process and their role within it.

Forget the crap you see on the internet about the 3 best ways to do X or how to get rid of pain in seconds rubbish. If you really want to understand the science behind what you really need to know in the 21st century then this is for you.If you are more interested in sketchy science, bro science and fantastical (and therefore questionable) results then it is probably not.

It is not about magic answers but instead the key considerations that will make you credible to both your client and their medical professional.

This product takes the science, the evidence and the research and seeks to explain the findings and implications for YOUR business simply, clearly and concisely.

If you want to become a trusted fit pro, build another element to your business and grow your knowledge base then this is definitely for you.

Below we have some short video previews of some of the content.




Lesson 1 - What the hell does functional mean?


Lesson 2 - The role of the fit pro in rehab


  • Where do you fit in?
  • What can you do?
  • How to communicate with the others in the rehab process


Lesson 3 - Pain & the modern understanding


  • Pain and brain
  • Hurt does not equal harm
  • Other factors that affect the pain experience


Lesson 4 - Pains affect on movement


Lesson 5 - Variables


  • Key variables that are manipulated in successful rehab exercise

Lesson 6 - Graded exposure


  • The key to successful rehab - Getting the overload just right and the factors involved

Lesson 7 - Functional strength for rehab


  • Strength is not just weight
  • F = MA
  • Strong for what?

Lesson 8 - ACL case study. Bridging the gap between the research and the gym!


  • Mechanisms of injury
  • Movements involved in injury and rehab
  • Evidence & research
  • Key considerations

Lesson 9 - ACL rehab program video


  • Designing a program
  • Graded exposure to performance and return to play

Lesson 10 - Hip mobility progressions for rehab


  • An example of improving hip capacity
  • Cor-Kinetic rehab process

Lesson 11 - Lunge assessment case study.




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