Cor-Kinetic design and deliver cutting edge education and physical training to the health care community, including physiotherapists, personal trainers and osteopaths and also to the general public.

We at Cor-Kinetic are dedicated to bringing you an understanding of how the body moves in its functional activities and not just when static, on the treatment table or in classic gym exercises.

We believe this is an often overlook component of treatment & training, both the assessment and reintegration of movement in the movements we really need and the environment in which we need it.

The Cor-kinetic philosophy is based around an understanding of modern movement, pain and neurosciences.

A very interesting and new way to think about the body and human movement. Refreshing information. Good explanations and thorough background theory, breakdown of content and rationale behind each assessment and framework of practice” – Jen Pederick,- Physio

"It creates a clear link between modern pain science and clinical practice, which I think is lacking in other courses" Sally - Physio

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Cor-Kinetic have been involved in teaching their approach at the highest level with medical and training staff from:

  • Manchester United
  • Manchester City
  • England national team
  • Chelsea
  • Leicester Tigers rugby

For a full list of sports organisations we have worked with *Click Here*

This is along with Physio's from the NHS and private practice.

We have also trained many personal trainers from leading health club brands such as LA Fitness, David Lloyd, Roko, The Laboratory and the Reebok sports club/Sports club LA in the USA. As well as self employed trainers from around the country.

Both our short and longer courses are designed to propel you to the top of your field with 21st century knowledge, skills and techniques that will make the assessment, treatment and training of the body more successful than ever.