Ben Cormack set up Cor-Kinetic way back in 2011. Cor-Kinetic provide educational resources to help health professionals treat their patients better through a modern, evidence based & active approach to injury & pain.

Cor-Kinetic take a practical and low BS approach to education that looks to un clutter and demystify the often overly complicated world of rehab education. This is done in a learner focused way that has evolved & adapted to the current global situation.

Cor-Kinetic have run courses in over 25 countries globally, working with individual health care professionals, clinics, health services & hospitals, elite sports teams & pain services/organisations.

Ben Cormack owns and runs Cor-Kinetic. He is a musculoskeletal therapist with a clinical background/qualification in sports therapy (GST - London Metropolitan), rehabilitation, & exercise stretching back over 15 years with a special interest in pain and its relation to movement.

Ben is a popular international presenter who has delivered conferences presentations and courses all over the world. Ben specialises in a movement & exercise based approach with a strong education component and patient centred focus.

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