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  • Functional Therapeutic Movement ONLINE

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"Exercise & Pain guide"

Free PDF guide to working with exercise for painful problems

Top quality education for therapists and trainers who want to use a movement-based approach for assessment, rehabilitation and training founded on the latest research and evidence in movement, pain and neuro sciences.


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Common sense exercise and movement guidelines NOW DOWNLOADABLE

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Please click on image to download a high quality version for use in clinic. This can be as a patient handout or poster. Do you want a version in your language? Then look below, we now have 10 languages!If you don't see one, maybe you…
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Pain education – How much neuroscience do you really need?

Pain education has for many become an integral part of the treatment process and rightly so, being able to help people understand what is happening to them is a must. One of the most frequently used methods to help people better understand pain…

Knowledge is power- What I need people with back pain to know.

Here is some information I would like anyone with back pain to know. Whether it is the first time you have had back pain or you have had it for ages. I would love others to contribute to building up this information as it is certainly not definitive.…


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"Exercise for Lower Back Pain: And evidence-based report"

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