In defence of the advice to remain active for back pain

There has recently been some discussion around a lack of evidence for the advice to remain active during back pain. I personally believe there is a lot of value in the advice to stay active and here is why! Firstly this HERE is from the folks over at Cochrane. “Moderate quality evidence shows that patients […]

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Exercise dosing for pain is NOT the same as exercise dosing for fitness!

Exercise dosage in rehab is still one of the biggest areas of uncertainty in clinical practice. On one hand we have modern thinking that promotes higher loading & dosage for patients and on the other hand we have the traditional model of lower load and lower dosage that has probably evolved to minimise the risk […]


Are you all about the exercise or the person doing it? Making movement meaningful!

This is the first in the series of a few mini/micro blogs of about 500 words (famous last words) and in this first one I wanted to kick off by talking about making movement and exercise meaningful. This is a term that is being banded about more and more in rehab but still has the […]

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Painful exercise in rehab – Yes, no or a lot to think about?

Whether rehab exercises should be painful or not has become a recent topic of much discussion. As we have started to value the role of (optimal) loading in rehab, and that we can get patients back to moving and loading pretty early in the rehab process, we have also got to appreciate that this is […]

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Pain science – A main serving of lived experience and a side of biology please.

The world of the science of pain or ‘pain science’ as its better known can definitely be a polarising topic when it gets discussed. These recent commentaries twitter/social media debates really highlighted this. The truth about pain science, exercise and movement The REAL Truth About Pain Science and Body Mechanics: A Response to Criticism P.s […]

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Resilience – What is it and why is it a big deal for recovery?

Resilience is a term used more and more by therapists, some might suggest it is a buzz word, so I wanted to put down my thoughts about this complex subject. I have wanted to write this blog for a while and the struggle I have had here is to keep it bloggy, not too academic and […]

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Common sense exercise and movement guidelines NOW DOWNLOADABLE

Please click on image to download a high quality version for use in clinic. This can be as a patient handout or poster. Do you want a version in your language? Then look below, we now have 10 languages! If you don't see one, maybe you would like to translate one? If so, then contact […]