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Goal setting – Don’t forget to ask THE PERSON what they want!

So this is the first blog on my updated site! I think the white background is much easier on the eyes! With so much discussion and published research about making rehab more individual, patient centred, relevant and meaningful and this helping to improve the therapeutic relationships and outcome, I thought I would focus on one […]

Are painful FLARE UPS to exercise just like SUNBURN? (and why might we need analogy anyway?)

Whilst Exercise CAN be a wonderful tool to use during the rehab process we must remember it is not a stick on, we can’t just fire and forget or plug and play and for every success there are also failures. There just is not such a thing as a magic bullet in rehab. Sorry about […]

Is there such a thing as a bad exercise? Or just bad application?

Well, like most things in the world of health there is NEVER a simple answer! Although I am sure you have seen a few articles on social media proclaiming the 5 worst exercises EVER but lets bit a little more analytical..... We probably have TWO questions here. Firstly is there even such a thing as […]

Do we really know how exercise works for pain?

A question I often ponder is - "Do we really know the mechanisms behind how exercise might help with pain?" And the honest answer is I don't think we really do! There is a whole bunch of stuff to consider and pontificate over but actual definitive answers appear to be scarce. We have tons of […]

The MISSING rehab exercise variable…..DOSAGE! (Ps…its not 3×10!)

DOSAGE! It is a subject that is not often discussed but may make a HUGE difference in the success of using movement and exercise during rehab. Perhaps MORE than the exercise itself! Article at a glance   Dosage is a big deal Intensity, volume and frequency all affect dosage. Both over and under dosing are […]


Please click on the large image of all the cards below to download the FREE pain flash cards. You will be redirected to a drop box link containing all 6. This is a resource aimed at anyone who has an interest in pain and some of the science (what we have looked at so far!) […]

Help….why do I still hurt?

Why do I still hurt? Why is it not going away this time? Why am I so sensitive? Why does it keep happening? People want answers   These are all questions that people regularly ask regarding their pain and injuries and they want to know a reason why. The bottom line is people want answers […]