Practical & evidence based treatment using movement and exercise for people in pain

Up to date rehab science for the busy modern clinician


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Get better at rehab quickly with no stress!

Pain and exercise science and research UNITED into a single course with no BS!

Two key clinical elements streamlined in an easy to understand way with simple REAL WORLD application

Make exercise FUN & engaging for YOU and your patient

If you struggle to understand the science & research, feel overwhelmed or left behind by it all, fear not!

Transform yourself and get up to speed as a modern clinician and reinvigorate your practice and confidence with new knowledge about exercise and pain

Develop an evidence based patient centred focus and learn what makes patient really commit to their you and their treatment programs

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For the first time Cor-kinetic are offering their internationally acclaimed 'Functional therapeutic movement' course ONLINE!

This ONLINE course has 8 modules with over 11hrs of content covering a number of clinically applicable topics that are DIRECTLY translatable to your clinical practice, and all 100% evidence based!

Learn key skills in:

  • Exercise prescription
  • Pain education
  • Clinical reasoning
  • Subjective assessment
  • Treating lower back pain

You can watch the lectures LITERALLY from anywhere. At work, at home, even in your underwear.

The ONLINE Functional Therapeutic Movement course offers videos to watch, articles to read, exercises to try and even a few task to help solidify the learning.

"Functional therapeutic movement is without a doubt one of the most practical, well referenced, clinically relevant, and beneficial continuing education courses I’ve taken. Ben has a lively presentation style that keeps you engaged, a good sense of humour, and clear mastery over his content. The course is relevant and valuable for young and experienced clinicians alike. Be prepared for plenty of critical thinking!"  Dr Jarod Hall (Physical therapist USA)

This ONINE course is for anybody that works with people in PAIN and use exercise such as physiotherapists and physical therapists, sports therapists, strength coaches, osteopaths, chiropractors, personal trainers & massage therapists

Check out the course content in the short video.

For a complete rundown of the content keep scrolling down.

Here at Cor-Kinetic we offer a few different products. The NEW Online Functional Therapeutic movement, the live version of this course and our once a year ONLINE mentorship program

Check out the Cor-Kinetic ONLINE mentorship

Here is a comparison of our two ONLINE products so you can get a feel of them both.

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Whilst an online course never replaces going to one in person, this course hopefully gives you part of the experience you might get without having to travel sometimes 100's of miles. If you have attended a live course you can purchase the online version for £75, a discount of £100. This enables you to revisit the content at ANY time to solidify your learning.

Also if you purchase this course and decide later to join our more comprehensive mentorship program we will REFUND you the cost of this product!

FTM ONLINE can be purchased at ANY time.

Functional therapeutic movement ONLINE

Introductory price - only £175

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Module 1 - Setting you up - 1hr 13 mins

    • Welcome & the aims of the course
    • What are the underlying principles of the Cor-kinetic approach?
    • Critical thinking
    • Why do people seek care – What do they want?
    • Selling exercise to your patients – Why is it important?
    • Being the coach and not the star player
    • Resilience - Moving beyond pain

Module 2 - Exercise - 1hr 38mins

    • Exercise and pain - Whats the relationship?
    • Vitamins - Why exercise should be like a balanced diet
    • A constraints based approach to exercise and movement
    • What do we want? - Outcome based exercise reasoning
    • Exercise reasoning in action (2 videos)
    • Not just exercise - also activity. Making it meaningful

Here is an example lecture!

Module 3 - Clinical reasoning - 1hr 22mins

    • Exercise dosage
    • Donut not the hole - Treating the WHOLE person
    • Rehab reasoning
    • 5R's of rehab
    • Exercise adherence
    • Should we use painful exercise & if so how?

Module 4 - Pain - 1hr 7mins

    • Modern models of pain (2 lectures)
    • Pain as an experience

Module 5 - Pain education - 1hr 20mins

    • The when, what and how of pain education
    • Classic pain messages
    • Pain analogies
    • Making pain education more effective

Module 6 - Movement - 1hr 10mins

    • How do we really move and what does that mean for us?
    • Pains affect on movement
    • Movement myths (2 lectures)

Module 7 - BPS model & subjective assessment - 1hr 30mins

    • BioPsychoSocial overview
    • Subjective Assessment
    • Stress
    • Sleep
    • Reassurance
    • Goal setting

Module 8 - Low back pain - 2hrs 30mins

    • Back pain guidelines
    • Back pain beliefs
    • Things we thought we knew about back pain but might need to rethink
    • Exercise for back pain
    • Exercise examples (12 videos) and clinical reasoning
    • Case studies
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