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"Functional therapeutic movement is without a doubt one of the most practical, well referenced, clinically relevant, and beneficial continuing education courses I’ve taken. Ben has a lively presentation style that keeps you engaged, a good sense of humor, and clear mastery over his content. The course is relevant and valuable for young and experienced clinicians alike. Be sure to come prepared for discussion and plenty of critical thinking!" DR Jarod Hall DPT USA


• Use a flexible, adaptable and simple to implement clinical framework to help navigate the uncertainty of clinical practice from patients with persistent pain to elite athletes.

• A look at pain and exercise through a truly biopsychosocial lens.

• Take the complication and rigidity out of exercise prescription – Make it fun and engaging for YOU and your patient. Forget a physio tools or photocopied exercise sheet approach.

• Take the mystery out of exercise prescription- when do you need to be specific? And when less so? Learn a comprehensive view of exercise that is more than just sets and reps.

• How to sell your patients on exercise – A key factor in rehab success

• Learn what you need to know about the psychology of pain and exercise without needing to become a psychologist.

• Learn about pain and how to talk about it without needing to be a neuroscientist. More patient focus and less biology!

• Concise and practical reviews of the latest research into pain and exercise to save you time and energy! Perfect for the busy clinician who doesn’t have the time to wade through every piece of new information coming out

• How to improve your subjective assessment. How to get all the information and ‘find the hook’ that guides patient beliefs, emotions and commitment to rehab.

• Latest evidence and best practice guidelines for treating low back pain


Basically this is a course about using exercise and movement in rehab! These are things we should have learned at university but often did not.

This is not your average exercise course or even about functional movement (I know the title says 'functional'). This is actually about providing person centred care in a biopsychosocial framework using movement and exercise to help.

If you are a therapist of any type that uses movement and exercise in practice (as you should), then this course will improve your knowledge, application and (hopefully) your results.

The main focus will be around the application of a movement based approach to lower back pain but the principles can literally be used for ANY injury or painful problem!

Functional therapeutic movement is an engaging & practical course directly applicable to real world clinical practice. Its aims are to build confidence and competences for ALL health professionals in using exercise, activity and movement across the spectrum of clinical presentations with a focus on lower back pain .

This is NOT JUST another course showing you some new exercises or zeroing on a single body part. Rather than just focusing on anatomy and pathology it is about better understanding and helping patients right across the biopsychosocial spectrum.

The FTM course focuses on integrating current science and evidence around pain and exercise within your current practice. This enables you to be authentic and genuine to your way of working without having to learn some new method or throwing out everything you have learned.

This course promises to be fun and cut through some the confusing information out there around treatment for a slimmed down, patient focused approach for those tired of over complicated technique and adjunct courses. This course is applicable for anybody working with people with injury or pain. Physiotherapists, Sports therapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, S & C coaches, Personal trainers, Massage therapists.