Back Pain

Sunday November 19th 2017


Ground Floor 2-8 Scrutton Street

COST - £150

Learning objectives

Lower back pain can affect up to 50% of people in a given year and is an enormous global problem. It is a common problem that will affect the clients of ALL personal trainers. Do you know how to help?

This one day course is designed to give a comprehensive overview of the personal trainers role in lower back pain. This will enable the trainer to be safe, effective and stay within their scope of practice.

This course is based on the best available MODERN evidence and incorporates the biopsychosocial approach to helping with back pain.

This course has a 50/50 theory & practical split with case studies and group work involved.

Scope of practice and red flags

• When to get involved and when to refer
• Questions you really should be asking

What causes back pain?

• How common is back pain?
• Understanding acute & chronic pain
• Common causes of back pain

Understand current evidence base with regardS to

• Posture
• Muscle firing inc core stability
• Flexibility & mobility
• LBP myths

Other factors associated with back pain

• Health
• Lifestyle
• Psychological

Understand current best evidence for exercise for back pain

• Motor control
• Loaded exercise
• Aerobic exercise

Understanding the role of words

• Fear avoidance
• How to speak to your client about their back pain

How do people with back pain move

• Pain and movement relationship
• Evidence behind LBP and movement
• Movement variability

Exercises for back pain

• Local exercise
• Global exercise
• Functional movement
• Heavy loading

Program design for LBP

• Graded exposure
• Graded activity
• Putting it all together

Other subjects

• What do I do if it all goes wrong?
• Should we flex the spine when lifting and exercising?