If you are a PERSONAL TRAINER that wants to STAND OUT, LEARN & EARN MORE using a no nonsense & easy to apply modern scientific MOVEMENT based approach to help your client’s FEEL, MOVE & LOOK better then this course is for you!

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  • Improve your clients movement quickly and effectively with movement progressions for ankle, hips and spine.
  • Add loads of new exercises and movement tasks & games to enhance movement ability and keep training fun and varied.
  • Injury prevention – Learn what causes many athletic injuries (and what doesn't) and what you can do to help reduce them
  • Avoid making injuries worse – Common mistakes that can make your clients injuries worse and keep them out of the gym.
  • Learn what works for back pain and what doesn’t and how you can really make a difference

2 days that will change forever how you look at the body, the brain & the way you assess & train!


If you are interested in more than just how your clients look then this is the course for you!


"No Gimmicks, no bullshit pseudo science, just the current scientific evidence and how it can be applied to help my clients feel and move better straight away. Ben’s superb presentation skills coupled with his excellent understanding of the current research made what has the potential to be a dry and complex subject very engaging.

I look forward to learning more from Cor-Kinetic in 2016 and would recommend the EMS course to any PT as part of their development" Gregg Slater - Trainer @ Lift the Bar & Shredded by science.


Help your clients with cutting edge training based on the latest research into movement and neuro science!


"I really enjoyed the weekend and took a lot from the EMS - both professionally and personally (already moving my hip and ankle better!).

I had a prospective new client in yesterday morning, and a lot seemed to fall into place - it was a weird reflection of everything we covered.  I was able to understand things, and help her in ways I wouldn't previously have been able to" - Mike MacDonald AKR Fitness


Learn the things you NEED to know and SHOULD have been taught on your trainer certification.


Here is a 3 minute video to let you know all about the EMS!


With the right skill set you should never have to compete on price, be constantly searching for new clients or have to give the same old boring exercise routines.


 "So many clients arrive with a niggle, pain or fear of certain movements and the EMS weekend provided practical knowledge which has given me confidence in how to address these situations. Ben’s entertaining style makes both the science based theory, and its practical application, interesting and easy to learn and relate to clients straight away" Claire Winter Personal trainer

If you answer YES to any of the questions below then this course is for YOU!


  • Want to know more about the brain, nervous system and functional movement and how they can change the way your clients feel, move and look?
  • Want to know how to transition this knowledge into useable assessment, mobility and training techniques you can use STRAIGHT away Monday morning?
  • Want to integrate all this into your existing knowledge and keep doing all the things you and your clients love?
  • Want to know how giving your client mobility work can ACTUALLY reduce their performance and what to do to HELP instead?
  • Want to find out why core stability, postural assessment and static stretching REALLY DOESN'T matter? Literally save yourself years of time learning what isn’t true without having to spend the money and make the mistakes yourself!
  • Want a course that’s backed up by proper science and evidence?
  • Want to learn what to REALLY do about your clients back pain, what to say and more importantly what NOT to say to them?
  • Want to know more about pain science, what trainers can learn from this and what YOU can do to help your clients when they get injured within your professional boundaries?

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key content:


  • Movement based assessment and enhancement of ankle, hip and spine.
  • Integrating functional movement with traditional exercise/lifting using the unique Cor-Kinetic 3 POT system
  • The role of the brain and nervous system in pain, movement and training.
  • The truth about movement screens and what YOU should screen for! Simple movement screening and assessment tools explained.
  • Learn how to really help your clients in pain whilst keeping within your professional boundaries
  • The do's and dont's of rehab for the fit pro
  • How YOU can really help your clients in back pain using the modern evidence base
  • Learn about the myth of postural correction, muscles imbalances & asymmetries and why they just don't matter.
  • Simple injury prevention tools based on science to keep your clients training and achieving their goals.

Help your clients to:


    • Build amazing movement skills
    • Build better movement capacity, speed, endurance, strength and power
    • Decrease the impact of past injuries, aches & pains.
    • Achieve their goals whilst minimising the risk of injury

Help you:


        • Learn about the power of good movement
        • Understand more about your own body and movement issues
        • Stand out in the industry by adding new skills and abilities to help people
        • Understand the importance of the brain, central nervous system AND the body
        • Get more referrals and charge more for your time
        • Learn the importance of science and evidence
        • Make links in the medical & sporting communities


 Secure your space now for only £250





Good movement is more important than ever. In the high stress world of hard work, bad habits and high intensity exercise it is no wonder why people develop long term aches, pains and injuries that just don’t go away. They can even hold people back from achieving their training goals or impact significantly on their lives.

We spend hours on the foam roller and working on our mobility but the same areas remain tight and the same movements restricted.

Our EMS course helps identify areas of the body that have decreased movement potential and if the issue is within the joint itself or are being protected by the nervous system. This then determines how we may approach increasing the movement capacity to resolve or avoid pain and injury and increase performance.

Our movement ability is a skill. We have to work at it. Traditional gym exercises and strength work do not improve our movement capacity. The EMS course looks to progress the specific movement skill at a joint into integrated & dynamic functional movement patterns. We can then progress this into comprehensive functional programs utilizing all the training variables and tools required for increased movement skills, strength and ultimately results in feeling, moving and looking great.


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